When we started to race in the SK Division, Donna and I created this website.  It was an exciting time as websites were becoming the in thing.  I took all the photos, Donna wrote the news.  The photos were then assembled with comments and voila....that was the weekly report.

In late 2005, Donna's "puter" as she liked to call it, crashed and all was lost.   As I was searching for material for the historic update of this website, I have come across some of Donna's writing (very little), but I contine to be hopeful.

Late last night, I was amazed to find almost all the photos from 2001!  I will  enter these in four categories...In the PitS, In the Stands, In the Winners Circle and In the Hauler.

I will also intersperse Donna's writing, she funny, irreverent and some of you may be able to guess who she is talking about!  One article is from May 15, 2001 and the other four are August 10, 17, 24 and 31, 2001.

IN The PITS.......

It is always a busy place "The Pits",  we were lucky to have a driver who did not destroy often, so there was a lot of time to chitchat and welcome visitors!

This first Donna Report is from May 2001, 

This is dated August 10, 2001

This is dated August 17, 2001

In The Stands.....

This is dated August 24, 2001

In the Hauler..

This is dated August 30. 2001

In the Winners Circle...our first SK Win!

So there you go....a year in review...in photos!!

Found a copy of Ground Pounder Article that also describes the race.   Very long, very detailed but it kind of brings you back there.  

Another special season!!!